Wednesdays are wonderful

Wednesdays are the days that I have planned to have the boys go to the childcare on post so that I can have a few hours to myself. Yesterday, I dropped them off, worked out, then came home. It was soooo weird! It seemed so quiet because no one was there but me. And it took a minute, but I made the realization that has never happened before, I've never been in our house by myself. When Kevin is here we use the "Divide and Conquer" method to the kids, if I went on an errand, we would each take a boy. And when Kevin would give me a break, I always went somewhere, he kept the kids at home. I didn't stay home too long, I ended up having lunch with a friend, then picking up the boys. There are definitely days that end with me feeling absolutely spent, emotionally and physically from a day of simply being a mother, but I wouldn't trade those boys for anything! I know with full confidence that they are a blessing for these days that we are enduring.

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