my first morning off

Fort Carson's Child and Youth Services offers 16 hours of free childcare per month to spouses of deployed soldiers as well as a discounted rate for regular care. It's been four months since Kevin has been gone and I had yet to take advantage of this benefit.

Today I finally did it. I dropped them off, met a friend for coffee, had my taxes done, went downtown and looked in some shops that are not kid-friendly, ate lunch at a great sub shop (Grand Slam Subs downtown Colorado Springs for those of you that care to know), then picked up the kiddos.

It was amazing the things that I appreciated: looking at one thing in a store for however long I wanted to, eating without interruption (this was truly wonderful)-for the first time ever I felt like a fast eater, sitting wherever I wanted to, not picking up a high-chair while holding my 22 lb. 10 month old and moving it to a prime location while rallying Davis to the table, and discovering we'll be getting a pretty chunk of change back for our tax refund!

All this in four hours.


  1. Oh Kristen...I can truly say that I feel you girl! Children are an absolute joy and a true blessing...BUT...When you are in a constant state of high alert(...all your senses at attention...everywhere at once...mommymode) for months on end with no relief...it can start to wear on your mental state! I am glad you were able to relax and enjoy yourself!


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