Kevin made me...

I was telling Kevin a story about Davis and he demanded that I blog it, I didn't really want to, but he said I could put a disclaimer that he told me I had to because he thought it was so funny. So here it is:

On Sunday nights I attend a small group, so someone watches the boys while I'm there. Because of when this is, both the boys have to be put into their pj's. When I arrived home this particular night, after putting Davis to bed, the sitter told me what Davis had told her while putting on his pj's. She had just finished putting Ronin's pj's on when Davis says to her, "Look," at this point, she turns to look and he is holding his urethra wide open to explain to her, "it's a big vein that's red and there's a bone in it, that's what it's made of." She responded excellently by just nodding and then telling him he needed to put on his pj's. Thankfully, this sitter is a friend, so she told me the story while laughing, and I laughed too. Primarily because I've never told him this, and to my knowledge, neither has anyone else. It's so crazy what those little minds can think up!

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