from Canada..uh..the US

At some point during our trip in India, we felt like we should start telling people (locals, particularly drivers that we were trying to bargain a good price with) that we were from Canada, simply because the stigma is not the same for Canadians as it is for Americans. For some reason people think that we're rich...and perhaps it's because we are. Rich in so many ways and we take most of it for granted.
There were so many eye-opening things on our trip, I don't know where to begin. But maybe this is a good place to start. The drastic difference between India and America, what we value, what we eat, what we deem clean, and so on and so on. There is too much to list, and it's because of this that I had to start thinking through my own life: what I value, where I'm spending my money, what I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of His Name, for His glory. And in the end, knowing full well that He is worth everything, since it is Him who has given it to me.

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