here we go (or here I go)

well, folks. I leave tomorrow to go to India. For those of you that have known me for a while, you know that India has been impressed on my heart for a long time. I went on a mission trip in October of 2002, and now I'm going again. This time around, the team I'm going with is from Redeemer Church (check them out at www.redeemerlubbock.org) and we'll be spending quite a bit of time at an orphanage, some clinics that help HIV positive women and children, and doing some other projects. I anticipate that this trip will be very different for me because I am a mother now, and being a mother gives you an entirely different perspective on lots of things. This is also the longest time I'll have ever spent away from my boys. If you are one who prays, I'm asking for your prayers. We've been told we'll be able to have internet access, so keep an eye on the blog and I'll try to keep you posted.

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  1. fitz did happen06 July, 2008 16:34

    ummm... Let me just say that the phrase, "Here WE go!" sounds a whole lot better to me than, "Here I go". soooo, maybe when I get back, we could go?