from India (1)

We have successfully made it here and spent our first night in semi-air conditioned rooms. We are staying at a guest house for a hospital (where familys of patients would stay). The rooms are actually quite nice.

This morning we had guava and pomegranete and Indian biscuits for breakfast. We then took two different buses to get to the house of the man leading the trip. First one was packed with kids on their way to school, second one just packed, men, women, and kids.

It is beautiful. It is hot. It is wonderful.


  1. i got to talk with Kevin online today...made me miss you. check your email. :)praying for you.

  2. What an opportunity! Thinking of you while you're in India. Who is keeping the boys for you while you're away? Your parents? I hope you take pictures and post them when you get back.