bus fun

Some of us pulled out our cameras and the fun began. I said, "Cheese!" And there was a roar of laughter, which in turn, obviously made us laugh.
We took the public bus each morning, we had to get off at a stop and hurry across a busy intersection to get to our next bus. The first bus was packed with school kids every morning! Most of the time the boys were the brave ones to try out their English and ask us questions, but occassionally a girl would venture out and ask what our names were. When I say packed, I am not exaggerating, the guys in the bottom picture were in no way posing for the camera, they were hanging out there because there was no room on the inside. We calculated one day and figured there were between 100-200 people on the bus at any given time. Though the bus ride was only about 15-20 minutes, we really made some friends on the bus. On our last day, when we told the kids we wouldn't be seeing them again, you could tell we weren't the only ones sad to say goodbye.

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