the ways I'm like my dad

No, my Dad is not a big fan of Thomas the Train. Today, this book came apart. We have had it since '06-ish. Davis fell in love with the book one day at Borders, I read it to him several times there, we bought it (it's only $3.25), and then I read it many more times to him through the course of the past couple years. Some would have said it was time to say goodbye to a book that falls apart, some would have given it away or maybe just put it away. Me? No, because tucked away inside me are traits of my father that you cannot see, like the habit of not giving things away, or throwing things away because you just know you can fix it. Such is the case with Thomas's ABC Book. When Davis realized that Ronin had torn it apart, he looked at me with such a sad face to deliver the news. I didn't even flinch, "No worries, Davis, we can fix that!" Out came the packing tape (the beauty of packing tape is that it's clear, so you can't always tell that something has been repaired) and I fixed it up. Thanks, Pops.


  1. That's a good save! We are both so proud :)

  2. i can't count the number of books we have with packing tape on them!