blenders and sponges

If you have ever been around a toddler you know that you only need to say something twice for them to soak it up and spit right back at you. You may have even heard a parent call their little one a sponge. This is true 100%! It's why it's so imperative during those language learning years that you're not spouting off words that don't sound appropriate coming out of children's mouths.

A recent discovery is that if toddlers are sponges, then kids are blenders. The sponge principle doesn't work anymore. Everything is definitely going in, loads of it, but if you push the right button at the right time, everything comes exploding out. This is what seems to be happening with Davis lately. He may hear new words: "appetizer" or "introduction" and he'll just toss them out randomly in the middle of a sentence where they don't even fit. It is entertaining to see him trying to make a smoothie out of his mess.

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