real phones, real Life

Ronin likes to play; right now, it's the only thing he likes to do, he doesn't like to sit still for anything. Lately his favorite toy is a phone that a friend gave us. It is a real phone, it is completely functional: the keys work, the sounds work, the camera works, it even will make a call--but you'll only hear an automated voice telling you your service cannot be validated. Ronin has since lost interest in his "play" phones. None of them make him happy quite like the real one.

I am pretty amazed at his affinity for things that are "real" that he can play with, it doesn't matter what it is, it's better if it's the real thing. It didn't take too long for it to hit me that I am no different. To me it's better to have the real thing: Dr. Pepper is better than Dr. Thunder (the Sam's choice version), Sugar is better than Splenda, a haircut at a salon is better than at Supercuts, and the list could go on, but the point is the same I have a sense that there is more value in things that are genuine (it's even true of non-tangibles). It's also true of life in Jesus, that is where real life is, it is where we will feel truly human, because only in Him will we be fully functional.

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