Jones Soda

We've had a bottle of Jones Soda in our fridge for a while now and I felt like today was the day to drink it. I'm a fan of Jones Soda, you can probably guess why if you check out their website. We don't drink soda very often though, I'm assured of this because I let Davis have a little taste in his own cup. He said it was "spicy" apparently carbonation is spicy. A few minutes later, he says, "Ooh, I just had a spicy burp from my spicy drink." Thank you Jones, for adding a little spice to our life today!


  1. Jacob thinks soda is spicy too. Maybe it is a 4yr old thing.

  2. Noah has said the same thing about soda...and toothpaste. "Mommy, Hot, Mommy!"

  3. i love spicy soda. every last drop of it! and the spicy burps as well. who wouldn't?