theology on a bumper sticker?

In fact, if it was supposed to be theology, it was a poor attempt. The bumper sticker read "My Way IS the Highway. -God" And if theology doesn't work, how about a political viewpoint: "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam"? These bumper stickers were among the few things that really sparked my thoughts (and possibly a little anger) on our road trip to Lubbock. Has anybody else seen some quality bumper stickers lately (no profanities please)?


  1. do not this to be my own politics, I just thought the allusion was clever, okay? Bumper sticker reads....
    "the last time someone listened to a Bush, we were wandering in the desert for 40 years."

  2. i saw one in d.c. on the back of a car that said: "women make great leaders. you're following one right now." :)