birthdays birthdays everywhere!

These first pictures are from his actual birthday, I blew up a whole package of red balloons for him to find in the living room with his presents when he woke up, he loved it. His favorite present, from us was the "We Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123s" CD and DVD. As you can tell, even Ronin enjoyed the balloons.

Davis decided he would most like to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (surprised??). So today was the day, I made gluten free cupcakes with delicious frosting and sprinkles on top, he invited three boys from soccer, our neighbor, and a couple of my friends that are in turn his friends too. It went really well, so well, in fact that he didn't want to leave. It is particular moments like those that I am so so so thankful that he is now 4, because logic is really starting work in that little brain of his. From about one minute after we arrived until cupcake time, he was gone---from toy to toy to ride to play area. As a result, I have few pictures of him, but did get some good ones of Ronin, he can't get too far yet!

Ronin and his friend in the Chuck E. Car

Dancing with the Chuckster himself (on stage no less, I took my picture then told them all to get down :)! ) blowing out the candle on the cupcakedriving the monster truck

When we finally got home we tried out some of his new toys, but even 4 year olds need naps (at least mine does). He was sitting with me and I sighed and said, "My goodness, you are so big, I can't believe you're 4, what am I going to do with you?" He said, "Not carry me anymore? But maybe you could try." And try I did, all the way upstairs and into his bed!


  1. I miss my little nephews!!!!!

  2. i love 'they might be giants'!!! great for kids and adults, too. it looks like you guys had way too much fun at that birthday party. makes me miss my chuck-e days.....

  3. I'm glad he wanted you to try and that you could. So sweet.