we will rock you

There's a station on the radio in Colorado Springs called: "Jet, 107.9" and I have lately become a fan. For the most part they play classic rock, but occassionally you'll get a little Diana Ross thrown in the mix too and that's why I like it so much.

Today, as we (Davis, Ronin, me) were driving home, the song, "We Will Rock You" started playing. I turned it up, started the pound, pound, clap on my steering wheel, and did the classic rocker head bang. Davis chimed in (after I got him on the beat) and then did an awesome air guitar solo. Next, Ronin was clapping, bobbing his head, and waving his hands in the air (windows down, no less). I couldn't help but thinking Kevin would be proud.

Look out Colorado Springs, we will Rock you!


  1. someone needs to concur...Kevin would be so proud. even though it didn't happen, I picture Ronin's little hand forming a rock on sign. Kristen kicks....er....rocks.....:)

  2. thank you!! i'd be willing to bet that as soon as Ronin has the coordination to do a rock on sign, he will!