a mere tape measure

We have a "Fat Max" tape measure, and every time we're upstairs, Davis is constantly measuring things. He loves it, and each time he'll say to me, "How is it?" Which means: how long is it? Today, we were upstairs (moving the boflex--we did it by the way, we're a great team!!) and he is at it again, measuring, then asking, "how is it?" 121 in., 178 in., 153 in., 5 in., and then I remembered he has his own tape measure now. My dad bought him one for his birthday, so we've been measuring downstairs now too, I reminded him of his own, and he rushed down to get it so we could both measure. Me with the Fat Max, and him with his way cooler Selflock lime green one (pictured above, you can pick one up at your local Lowe's). I measured his nose: 1in., his smile: 2in., and my bedside table: 14in. Who knew a tape measure could provide so much entertainment? Here we are with our tape measures attached to our pants, because that is sooo cool. I had to put the camera on self-timer just to get the shot. In the top picture, Davis is in his "I'm awesome and strong because I have a tape measure" pose.

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