my how time flies--Davis is 4

In honor of it being Davis' birthday I thought I'd share a great quote of his.

We were on our way to the on-post childcare for my morning off. Out of nowhere, he tells me,"Mommy, did you know that I love God and Jesus very much?"
"That is so great, Davis, did you know that I love God and Jesus very much too?"
"Yeah, and you know what...He knows our names," he said with excitement, then added,"He knows my name and your name and Daddy's name and Ronin's name!"

I was a little stressed out because we were running late, and then my little three-year-old theologian refreshes me in a truth about God's character. I found myself weeping at the beauty of that thought: He knows our names!

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  1. He is so funny! I love reading his quotes. I am always surprised at how much kids can get about God, whenever I miss so much. I have a nephew that is six, and sometimes he says things that reveal his enthusiasm for serving Jesus, although he's only six, and I kind of think....Why aren't YOU like that Anna?"

    So sometimes I look to my six-year-old nephew for an example. :)