the best and worst of sprinklers

The last three times that I have let Ronin "play" in the sprinklers, he has cried, almost immediately when the water touches him. We went to the pool a few days ago and he didn't really like that either at first, but by the end of our two hours there, he was loving it and didn't want to leave.

Davis on the other hand, loves sprinklers. Grandpa was watering his lawn (this was back in Oklahoma) and Davis wanted to go play in the sprinkler--one problem, he didn't have a swimsuit. I told him he would have to wear just his undies; he was in! He didn't even care that he couldn't wear undies to go home (because they were wet). Last night, we were taking a short walk around our neighborhood and the sprinklers were on, Davis instantly popped the question, "Can I go play in the sprinklers?" I explained that those weren't really for playing in, but that I would let him walk by them and get a little bit wet. Apparently that was enough. He ran over (but not in the grass) and let the water spray him. He comes running back to me and says, "I got sprink on me!!"

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  1. Tell Davis he's always welcome to come over for some Sprink.