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Kevin relayed an illustration he heard in a sermon to me the other day: A kindergarten class was celebrating Sally's birthday, the chairs were circled around a table, each chair with a balloon and party favors attached. Joey wasn't thrilled to be celebrating and would give out a little "umph" every now and then. He became louder and louder until the teacher addressed him simply, "Joey, it's not your party."

Simple story with a profound lesson. Much of our frustration and anger in relationships comes from our feeling of entitlement or getting attention (and even celebration) for something we have acheived. So the lesson? It's not our party. The entitlement, attention, and celebration can and should always be given to Jesus.

That being said, I have been around friends and family for two and a half weeks. It has made me aware that while it's not our party, it doesn't mean we don't need recognition. We need those around us to testify to the goodness of God in our lives; whether that is pointing out blessings we take for granted or ways that we have matured. Both are credited to Jesus, yet it encourages us to hear it. Strange isn't it?

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  1. i like these thoughts. yes, it is true that all we have actually comes from God and thus He deserves ultimate credit. but it's also true that we seem to flourish under encouragement. not excessive flattery, but the kind of encouragement that reassures you that others can see the steps and strides that we are making towards becoming more of ourselves. thanks for sharing, kristen (and kevin, indirectly!)