scared of the dark

What is it about the dark that is so scary?

Davis had a friend over to play, and inevitably it came down to picking sides: who would be the bad guy and who would be the good guy. The neighbor friend finally resigned to being the bad guy and he explained in vivid detail what his side looked like and when it was night and very dark, that's when the bad guys would come out.

The darkness is unknown. There is a sense of uneasiness when you are in the dark. You are not in control in the dark. You cannot see in the dark. Hence, the fear.

One day Davis was talking about the sun and how cool it is, I took the opportunity to tell him about how the Bible tells us Jesus is called the Light of the world. I began to think about all of this in elementary terms: being scared of the dark, and explaining to my 4-year-old why they call Jesus the Light of the World. Our hearts are filled with darkness, and nothing we conjure up can bring light to it, only the Son. Only the Light of the World.


  1. Great post! Especially so in this Advent season as we look forward to remembering Jesus' coming but also anticipating his return. :) btw, there's a great Christmas song by Third Day called "Jesus Light of the World." We just sang it yesterday at the Int'l church here... it's a fun one to sing along with.

  2. Hey, Kristin. Just found your blog through a comment you left on Courtney's blog.

    Relating to your post - we just had our third daughter and gave her a name that means "light" to proclaim to the world that Jesus is the Light of the World. Good post.