defining my unique-ness

A friend and I are trying to challenge our writing skills, so last month we wrote the number of blessings corresponding to the number of day it was (on the 12th, write 12 blessings from that day). Since it's December, we are doing something different using as our inspiration, the One Minute Writer blog (I have also put the link to her blog under the "people" label on the right). She posts a daily prompt and has a countdown for you to write just one minute. It's brilliant really. Today's prompt was to write about one thing that makes you unique.

I found that initially the traits I thought of were unique because of the relationships I have with others. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend; and I do all those things in a way that is unique to me. Indeed, God has made each of us and in the same way our fingerprints are one of a kind, so are our personalities, but it is in being with each other that those differences come alive.

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