desperate times

I would bank on nearly every person knowing what follows that phrase...call for desperate measures. We went swimming today and it just knocks Ronin out; he was asleep within 3 minutes of being in the car. As a result, he took his nap early without having lunch, which put his entire routine off a little.

During this past week, Ronin has consistently used the sign "please" correctly, it is not only cute, but very (might I say VERY) helpful and effective. However, it has replaced some other signs that he was using, like "milk" simply because it achieves the same goal. Though I still sign "milk" to him when it is given.

Tonight after our FRG Game Night, where the children doubled the attendance I sat Ronin in his chair for his before-bed milk and snack. Before I even had him buckled he was signing "milk" as if he hadn't had any for days. Are we not the same? When we are feeling really desperate, it's as if all the sudden we can clearly communicate exactly what it is we need.

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  1. I love that you're teaching him to sign. It really does help so much when they can't talk much yet. We taught our boys a few basic signs and yeah, haven't done much more. :S Shame on me!