only in the home of a Soldier

This morning Davis asked me to give him directions to where he was supposed to go in Iraq. He puts on a "soldier uniform" and pretends to be one of Daddy's soldiers. Ronin does too (says Davis). He gets in the airplane and flies to Iraq with his poom-poom (gun). Strangely, we could not pretend to go and find Daddy, seems that he knows it's not possible, not even in imaginary land. I haven't heard of many others whose sons pretend to go off to war, but we imitate what we love. Davis loves his Daddy and time has only increased his affection for him. Somehow (by the grace of God) time has not stirred up resentment in him but only an ache to see his Daddy come home.

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you all to be separated from Kevin. I'm sure Davis must miss him so much. Hugs!