some new news

It's been quite a while since I've been able to post anything about Kevin, but I just received a bulletin from their company that I thought I would share:

HHC “Headhunter" TEAM CRO
(Civil Reconstruction Operations)
Headquarters now has another title, TEAM CRO. Their new purpose is to escort and secure the Civil Affairs team and other non-lethal elements as they go out into the city of Mosul and the surrounding areas to help the Iraqi people by securing improvement projects to make the city/ village a better place. This mission allows the Civil Affairs team maximum capability and flexibility to better perform and help the people of Iraq, whether it be by getting a school or market built, repairing and aiding in hospital needs, getting a road repaved, putting in a new drinking water supply source, or even setting up a farmer’s Co-Op.

Pretty good news I thought, and it's better than being in mortar fights.

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