it must be a new word

Davis is such a big boy that he does much of his bedtime routine by himself. Particularly, he washes his hands all on his own. Often he'll ask me why he only gets one cookie, or only half a glass of chocolate milk, and often my answer is, "because it's the right amount for a four-year-old."

Lately, he will go into the bathroom to wash his hands, and he'll come back out in 10 seconds holding his hand out, asking, "Is this the right a-mountain?" I haven't even corrected him becauase it cracks me up. It is the foamy soap, so I suppose it actually looks a little like a mountain, but I think he just doesn't know the word "amount" and so he's made it into a word he does know. Either way, I love it!


  1. LOL! Kids say the cutest things!

  2. This made me laugh out loud in the library! Thank you for sharing yout joys of motherhood with me!