what's your secret?

Today we were on our way back home and Davis asked if we could go to Black Bear (a favorite coffee shop of ours here in the Springs). I told him I would think about it, when we pulled up, he gasped in excitement. We walked in and he told the lady he wanted a hot chocolate, a spontaneous change from his usual cold chocolate milk. I ordered us a blueberry scone to share, then we sat down at a table. After sitting for a few minutes, Davis asked if he could go tell the ladies thank you for his hot cocoa. He did; they were amazed, and thought he was the sweetest, most precious boy ever. I admit, I think he's pretty great too.

As we were leaving, he accidentally dropped his cocoa (it had a lid, but the landing was too harsh) and it spilled. Most kids, and even Davis on a bad day, would have started crying right then and there. But today Davis said, "Oh no!!" The owner said, "It's okay, we can clean it up and it just means we have to make you another extra special one!" And that's exactly what they did, and he thanked them again, specifically for making him another one. There was a man there and he looked at me and asked, "What's your secret?" I responded with only one word, but could've said more: "Consistency."

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  1. Go Momma! Davis sounds so sweet. I'm glad you were complemented on your parenting. It really does give us a boost. :)