"I wanna talk more about..."

[Note: If you are reading this blog for the first time our son, Davis, is only 4 years old.]

Davis has a good ear, what I mean is, he listens to everything. Most often it is lyrics, he always wants to know what people are singing about. Some days I won't even listen to music I don't feel like explaining. Today we were listening to "The Church" by Derek Webb and Davis asked what he was singing about. I began with, "He's singing about the church." Davis asked (as we were passing a community college) "That building?" Which led me to talk about exactly what I wanted to talk about, "Well, a lot of people say that church is a building, but the Bible tells us that the Church is really God's people, not the building." I can't remember now what happened, but we got distracted from our conversation, but less than a minute later, Davis said to me, "I wanna talk more about the Church."

And we did. I explained further how because God's people are the Church, the Church is anywhere His people are. Because His people are far more important to Him than any building! Then I asked Davis what he thought was important to God.
"Hmm...I don't know," he said.
"I'll give you a hint, it's the same reason He made everything."
"For His glory!!"
"That's right!" I responded with just as much enthusiasm.
"He is soooo beautiful!" And he went on to talk about how amazing God is because of everything He's made. All I could say in response was "You're so right, Davis. He is."

Three hours later, he had fallen from some steps onto pavement and he was doing better, but he says to me, "God makes ow-ies feel better." I started to refute him, thinking of only the tangible, but then it hit me, and I said, "He makes everything better."
"You know why, Mommy? It's for God's glory."


  1. That made my heart melt. Out of the mouths of babes!