certain about one thing

I was listening to Music Choice last night (the Adult Alternative channel). Michael Franti came on singing a song called, "Say Hey" it's got a good beat so the boys and I were grooving a little bit, but then I started to listen to the lyrics.

Part of the chorus says, "the more I see the less I know, but I know one thing, I love you." He intends it to be a love song, and so I obviously thought of my husband: there is so much truth in that single lyric. We have had an adventurous five years of marriage, many times not knowing what the next step of the journey would hold for us. Despite all the challenges and unknowns there was one thing I was certain of and still am: I love him.

I've found that often things in our relationship translate or parallel to my relationship with Jesus (because I am part of the Church and the Church is the Bride of Christ). Franti's lyrics were true even here: the more I see, it is truly the less I feel that I really know, but the sure thing for me, the constant is Love Himself. And it is His love in Kevin and me that enables our love to be consistent. Thank you Michael Franti, for a lesson in loving.

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