sick and singing about Jesus

About a week ago, Davis and I somehow started talking about when Jesus will come back. I ended up explaining that when He came the first time He came as a baby, but when He comes again, He'll come as King. Davis then told me what he thought Jesus would look like, and said that Jesus wouldn't be King of all. I obviously corrected him, telling him that Jesus would indeed be King of all and that everyone would bow to Him (even the people who didn't want to). Davis got really excited about the idea of everyone bowing to Jesus and the conversation soon turned to who (and what) all things would bow. I think we ended on, "Even the cars will bow!!"

This morning, Davis was awakened by having to throw up. He was screaming and finally came into my room with puke on his neck and part of his shirt. Consequently, he's spent a lot of time on the couch and in the bottom bunk sleeping. After a nice nap, he tried to come down and play, but he said, "I think I still need to be upstairs." And up he went. I thought I heard something so I started for the stairs, when I heard him singing, "And the grass is green and bow to Jesus, bow to Jesus, bow to Jesus." I stood quietly and listened to his song. Too often Davis is an example to me of the attitude I should have: singing about the greatness of God despite how I might feel.

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  1. okay so I have tears in my eyes right now... Thank you for posting this... I think i am going to go and sing right now, despite missing you all greatly.

    Your Husband.