pushin' out turkeys

Last night there was a townhall meeting for 3 BCT (Brigade Combat Team) done Video Teleconference style. This means that the leadership in Iraq from our BCT was on video and all the spouses in the room were on video for them on the other side of the globe.

So the colonel briefed everyone on several issues at hand: the return dates of the Soldiers, reintegration training, block leave, etc. then opened it up for questions. Someone was really concerned that our Soldiers weren't going to get turkeys on Thanksgiving. He assured them that they have guaranteed every Soldier will get some real turkey on Thanksgiving. Still in concern, someone asked specifially about those on the smaller posts. He said the Dining Facilities of the larger bases (FOBs) will cook the turkey and push them out to the smaller posts.

Get ready Soldiers, turkeys will be pushed out soon!


  1. absolutely, i almost called you, but it would've been really short notice, because i almost forgot about it. :|