lunch & a table full of four year olds

Yesterday the boys went to the "play place" (child care center) for a couple hours. I arrived to pick them up and they were all just sitting down for lunch. Davis is rarely a fan of any meal time so I didn't think there would be a problem leaving. He wanted to stay. It must have been some great lunch special, right? Nope, fish sticks, broccoli, canned plums, and rolls.

So, I pulled up a chair to the tiny table and had lunch with eight 3 and 4 year olds and one of the teachers. To my amazement I had a great time, and learned a few things too. Nothing profound, in fact, they were all really simple things. However, when you do this job called motherhood 24/7 sometimes you get caught up in behavior and forget about life, even for your four-year-old.

the things I learned:

  • less scolding and more laughing
  • if you're not eating, put your hands in your lap (brilliant!)
  • you've gotta eat either a fruit or a vegetable
  • no seconds until you've finished what you have
  • talk positively about food
  • treat mistakes as mistakes, not as grounds for discipline

Those are just a few. Thank you SW Childcare Center, and more specifically, Mister B for reminding me of the joys of meal time.

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  1. "treat mistakes as mistakes, not as grounds for discipline"

    Excellent point.