a pastor, a shepherd, a leader

Someone who isn't afraid to speak Truth to himself or to others.
Someone who genuinely cares for the people in his congregation.
Someone who listens intently, no matter how many people are waiting.
Someone who really talks to Jesus when he prays at the pulpit.
Someone who walks and talks like a real person.
Someone who loves his wife and sons deeply.
Someone who grapples with the deep truths of the Bible, and encourages me to do the same.

The responsibility of being a pastor is undoubtedly challenging: the tasks are numerous, the issues are eternal. I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative of our pastor, because while to many that list looks idealistic, those are traits of the man who gets up to preach nearly every Sunday at our church.

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  1. Ya know, that's my pastor too. Can it really be that there are two out there that fit that description? It's definitely a blessing.