will we be content with "change"

As I'm sure everyone knows, the election is tomorrow (don't forget to vote). This year's election has been more weighty for me than any other, it seems there are so many issues that are close to me either literally (the war in Iraq) or emotionally (abortion).

In America, everything is within reach: a new car, a promotion, a new house, a vacation, and because of it so many of us seem to be discontent with where we are. Nothing is ever enough.

It seems that we love to claim our nation has a democratic system until there's something we don't like, then we have a dictatorship and there's only one person to blame: the President.

Pride is a terrible thing, C.S.Lewis calls it the great sin. It is pride that feeds our discontent with the current status of our lives and at times our government because we feel entitled to something or someone better, when in fact we deserve nothing.

Change is inevitable and constant; so it will come, regardless of what candidate takes office. What kind of change are we prepared for? Is it possible to turn away from pride and put our emotional energy into supporting a nation which has given us freedom millions cannot even fathom?

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